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Mandywiki Statistics Age: 14 - 22 Nation-State: United States of America Hometown: Beverly Hills, California Gender: Female Height: 5' 4" (5' 8" in 4 inch heels) Hair color: Black Eye color: Purple Skin color: White Family and Friends Parents: Phoebe (mother) Relatives: Mindy (cousin) Friends: Mindy, Caitlin, Dominique, Trent (intern) Nemesis: Clover, Samantha, Alexandra, Britney Personality and Ability Dislike: Clover, not getting her way Personality: snobbish, egocentric, arrogant Love interests: David, Blaine, Auguste (whilst suffering from amnesia, thinking she is Marie Antoinette) Professions: spy, WOOHP agent, Beverly Hills High student, Malibu University student, Mali-U Cafe employee, spy-ssassin Behind the Scene First appearance: A Thing For Musicians Voiced by: Flag of USAJennifer Hale Voiced by: Flag of CanadaJennifer Hale she is voiced by Jennifer Hale, who also voices Sam/100 others on the show Legendary Quote Myself


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